Overlay Help with Hands, Arms, Facial Expressions and Items

Can somebody PLEASE tell me/ breakdown the steps on how they create overlays that show the characters arm wrapped over someone, hand holding an item, clothing on the floor, etc? Are you using photoshop? And how do you transfer the PNG file to the digital program you’re using to design it? Where do you even cut out the (arm.leg,hand,eyes, etc) I read my favorite stories with these overlays and see this so much in growing episode stories now, I want to do this for my own story. I could just have someone create one for me but want to learn how this works :heart:

I use ibisPaint X and it helps with overlays and it’s easy to transfer the png images to the web portal I recommend ibisPaint X (free)

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If you want free software it’s Gimp 2.0 for ya. Has everything you need and you can be really precise with cutting smt off, even by simple erasing any white line leftovers.
And let’s be honest, all those white spots look terrible and make your story really cheap-looking.
Absolutely best for any editing - there’s Adobe, PS CS6. Well, it’s not free tho, but we all know “daweeey” around it, right? But it’s prob harder to use than Gimp, so yep.

Anyway, if you need any overlays, I’m willing to help!

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