Overlay Help With Kitchen!

Hey everyone! <3 Can someone cut out the chairs and the island table for me? And can you also make an overlay for the fridge door so that I can make it look like it’s opening?
I don’t know how overlays are done or if what I’m asking is even possible, but if it is, please help if you can.

Refrigerator Door
Kitchen Island

I hope these help.

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Perfect! You did such an amazing job! Can you turn the end chairs into overlays too?

Kitchen Chairs

Like this?

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Yes. Thank you!
Do you want credit?

No thanks.

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Hi Tristan! Can you do me one last favor?

If it is within my capabilities, sure. What do you need?

I just realized that I didn’t resize my background to episode sizes before sending it to you. So now, the overlay won’t match up with the background.
Can you redo the overlays with this sized background please? Thank you!

Refrigerator Door (1)

See if these work for you, and let me know if you need any changes. I hope this helps.

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Yes, it worked. Thanks!