Overlay help with layering....I fixed the other problems I was having

Now the overlays will not layer right…LOVEYMYDOGS52 is at -8 and all the other overlays are moves to higher numbers but TEXT and CALLS will not layer over it…
It will not play this scene it keeps just skipping over the whole thing or just giving me an error 52

INT. POOJA.EPISODE PINK - DAY with CALLS with DONE FOR PHONE with MISSED CALLS with TEXT with BY LOVEMYDOGS52 to 0.928 40 196 in zone 1 with TEXT 1 with TEXT 2 with TEXT 3
&zoom reset
&overlay MISSED CALLS opacity 0 AND overlay TEXT 1 opacity 0 AND overlay TEXT 2 opacity 0
&overlay TEXT 3 opacity 0
&overlay BY LOVEMYDOGS52 moves to layer -8
&overlay TEXT moves to layer 9 AND overlay CALLS moves to layer 9 AND overlay DONE FOR PHONE moves to layer 9
&overlay MISSED CALLS moves to layer 7 AND overlay TEXT 1 moves to layer 6 AND overlay TEXT 2 moves to layer 4 AND overlay TEXT 3 moves to layer 3
readerMessage click done down at the bottom once you have clicked both choices.
label calls_missedandtext
@overlay DONE FOR PHONE opacity 0 AND overlay CALLS opacity 0 AND overlay TEXT opacity 0
@overlay MISSED CALLS opacity 1
@pause for a beat
How did I sleep though 5 missed calls from Anna?
Better check my messages and see if she messaged me.
goto calls_missedandtext
“TEXT” {
@overlay MISSED CALLS opacity 0
@overlay TEXT 1 opacity 1 AND overlay TEXT 2 opacity 1 AND overlay TEXT 3 opacity 1
@pause for 4
goto calls_missedandtext

Just discard this I’m deleting the whole scene I have been trying all day and its midnight now and haven’t gotten anywhere on it so I guess I have to not have this scene as much as I wanted it…

Is there still a problem or is everything solved??

If you’re still trying to solve this, I believe the problem is that you’re not doing the opacity code correctly.

Your coding looks like;

@overlay TEXT opacity 1

When it should look like;

@overlay TEXT opacity 1 in 0

That ‘in 0’ part specifies when the overlay should turn opaque. The ‘0’ is the amount of time that it should take to turn opaque/visible.

The overlay coding is;

@overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity # in T

(credit to Dara Amarie of course!)

I recommend looking at her website, dara-amarie.com. It’s really helpful!

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