Overlay help with MP size

Hey so I’m trying to fix part of this picture as an overlay. I want the glass to be the overlay so I can see the players behind it. I had no problem adding the background to the art catalog, but when I edit the overlay it says the MP size it too large. Can I have some help?

Maybe try going here: Resize multiple PNGs for free!

nope. tried it a few times. this is what it says.

our overlay must be under 1MB. Yours was 2.44MB.

Ahh… ok. Hold on for 1 second and I can send you the link to a better one.


This should work. Reduce image size in KB/MB online | ResizePixel

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nope. I guess i’ll just have to find a different image

I just tried it out. It should work, I also put a different link, so maybe you pressed the original one before I edited it.

what did u change for the size maybe I’m just doing something wrong.

When you press the latest link that I sent you, this screen should appear:

Then press the upload image thing, and it should bring you to this:

Then press kb and change it to MB, then type in 1 and then compress

yes it worked. thanks. Yeah when I clicked the link before, it brought me to a complete different link.

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Sorry 'bout that

its all good. at least it worked

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I’m glad you fixed your pic tho

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