Overlay Help?!?!?!?!?!

I keep on getting a warning that says

Specify one of “shifts to”, “rotates”, “scales to”, “opacity”, “to layer”, for your overlay animation

@BV1 changes into BV_outfit_male
@BV2 changes into BV_outfit
@BV3 changes into BV_outfit_male
&overlay SNIPERGLASS create
&overlay SNIPERGLASS shifts to 100 100 in zone 1
&overlay SNIPERGLASS scales to 1.0 1.0 in 0
&overlay SNIPERGLASS opacity 1 in 0
&BV3 spot 1.001 151 201 in zone 1 and BV3 moves to layer 0 and BV3 starts talk_phone_angry_loop
&BV2 spot 0.947 417 200 in zone 2 and BV2 moves to layer 0 and BV2 starts idle_phone_hold_sad
&BV1 spot 0.983 751 200 in zone 3 and BV1 moves to layer 0 and BV1 starts listen_phone_excited_loop


I honestly can’t find a problem in this script, I’ve pasted in my own script (substituting characters/outfits/overlays), and I didn’t get an error. I tried to see if maybe you input the overlay name wrong or something, but it all seems fine.
What I do know is that to get that error message, the command after “&overlay” was not recognised. For example, if you had written:

&overlay SNIPERGLASS shift to 100 100 in zone 1

-you would get that error message, as the command “shift” isn’t recognised by the script. You would need to change “shift” to “shifts”.

The only thing I can assume is that the error was referring to another part of the script. Have you clicked on the error message? It should automatically bring you to the part of the script it’s talking about. If you’ve done that, and it still brings you to this part of the script, then… I’m stuck too lol

I guess we’ll wait for an actual good director to reply to this, because I’d also like to know what happened here, as I’m still a beginner to directing!

Alright, so it’s possible that I am mistaken, but I believe the problem is when you put the “shifts” command in there.

The only thing different is that you put the zone number, but you did not add the amount of time you wanted it to be done in.

That can be very importa t and might possible be the cause of this.

I am not 100% sure but I think it is, if not please send a picture so I can see it through the portal itself :slight_smile::+1:

Ok I’ll try tomorrow since I’m going to sleep

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Sounds good! :smile:

It was just some weird glitch :joy:, I tried it out the next day and the error was gone

Thanks for helping anyways :grin:

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@Jeremy or @Sydney_H can you please close this thread :grinning:

Ah! That’s good news!

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