Overlay help ...?

So I want my overlay “PRESENT DAY” to kinda glide into the scene, as in, on a single line (???) and in the web previewer it works fine but in the app it bounces in as if from a lower line? I don’t know if I’m explaining it all that well but it’s really frustrating and I can’t figure it out.

Make sure you place your overlay offscreen in the place from where you want to glide in and add zone number

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If you use

@overlay NAME create
it apears as invisible first

than all the shifts at write with & and give the opacity to 1 as last comand also with & so it shoul not do the glitch.

If you use h w ever the

and than shift it it will be always visible becausew with this comand it apears imediatelly with the background and is visible on the random spot…so if you shift it it wit always make little glitch.

Other posibility is as Apes describe.if the overlay is in zone 2 make smal scene in zone 1 first and when you pan there it will already be on its place.

Okay, so here’s the code I used:

&overlay PRESENT DAY create
&overlay PRESENT DAY opacity 1
&overlay 6072566815457280_PRESENT DAY shifts to 3 270 in zone 2
&overlay 6072566815457280_PRESENT DAY scales to 1.486 1.486 in zone 2

@pause for 0.4

@overlay 6072566815457280_PRESENT DAY shifts to 3 270 in zone 3 in 1.4

Is there anything wrong with it cuz I can’t see it :weary:

so do you want your overlay in zone 2 then move to zone 3?

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I just want it to glide to the middle of the screen from somewhere off-screen

if you’re in zone 2 place your overlay in zone 1 or 3 on side (off screen) then on screen in zone 2 where you want it to be and use timed shifting like you did above

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I’ll try …

Let me know :grin: good luck!

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