Overlay helper... for example cat

When you create an overlay it always takes a while, it annoys me because it comes later then the other people let’s just say a cat. What can I do to make it there the same time as the other people?
And I have already saw that someone caries a cat from left to right ho is this possible?


To make sure I’m clear on this, you’re trying to animate an overlay so it moves at the same time as the characters, right?
In that case, you’ll want to start with the cat and the character in a position where the cat is already being carried. Then you’ll want to code it something like this:
@CHARACTER walks to spot x y in s AND CHARACTER does it while walk_box_neutral_loop AND overlay CAT shifts to x y in s
You’ll want the number of seconds (s) to match for both the walking and the cat overlay moving. That will make sure that they move to their destinations at the same time. Also, the walk_box_neutral_loop animation is for if you’re using Limelight. In INK, there isn’t an animation to look like someone is carrying something while walking, so that wouldn’t work as well.

If you want to create an overlay so that it’s on the scene at the beginning instead of appearing after the characters, you can define it in your background.
INT. BACKGROUND NAME with CAT to size x y
would be how you set up the scene.

wow that is a little bit chinese for me x