Overlay helpp with exiting

So I added my overlay to the story and put @overlay (and a bunch of numbers) and I put the shifts and scales. But I don’t know how to take out this overlay

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@overlay OVERLAYNAME clear
Hope it helps I hope it is what you meant right ? To remove the overlay from screen ?

Yes! Thanks so much!

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Your welcome :heart:

When I want to enter the overlay book in my script it allows it but when I am previewing it on the app it doesn’t show

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That’s weird !! Hmm just a min

This is what it shows

It works for me but wait can you send me the script?


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This is what I typed

Try clearing the numbers in-front of GBOOKG

Did you add the overlay to the scene? Did you use the create command or add it to the background name?

I did and I used create command

I see what’s wrong. There should be underscrores between the numbers and the overlay name, but just get rid of the numbers altogether. They don’t need to be there.

I cleared the numbers but on the app the book still won’t appear

You want me to clear the numbers I front of the book name or all of the shift and scale

Just in front of the book name, so that it’s just overlay GBOOKG shifts to and overlay GBOOKG scales to

Also, what does your script look like when you used the create command?

I thought create command was @overy GBOOKG scale…
And shift
Is that what create command was or am I wrong?


I fixed it to this image