Overlay In Preview Just Solid Grey?

So I’ve uploaded a few overlays the past few days, and when in use and when I’ve gone to preview them, they worked as should. But tonight, when I uploaded a new overlay for use it just shows up as if I uploaded a completely gray square, and has no resemblance to the actual overlay I uploaded. I understand it hasn’t been approved, but I’ve never had this issue before?

Any advice?

So apparently, the overlay is uploading at an insane size despite haven resized it in photoshop to match a zone 1 background?

Have you tried re-uploading it again and seeing if it turns out there same way?

Yeah I’ve tried a few times now, I’m about to try one more time to see if I made a difference.

So, the only thing that’s working is scaling the overlay down to about 0.005

Somehow it’s upscaling in size when being uploaded?

are you using int. black - night ?

I am actually.

You’ll need to upload your own black background and that should work.
Overlays do not work well with the background INT. BLACK - NIGHT. For some reason, that background messes up the coordinates of your overlay.

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Ah ok, didn’t even occur to me to try a different background :sweat_smile:

I’ll give that a gander, thank you!

You could also just use INT. BLUE - DAY (or any 1-zone background) and cut to zone 2 if you want to use a black background, that way you don’t have to upload your own and wait for it to be approved.


Good idea, thanks.