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What does it mean to “create your overlay in stage view first”? I’m trying to write my story and I want to add a custom overlay (already approved) to the scene. When I save it in the script there’s no error but when I test it out on my phone it gives me a warning that says to create overlay in stage view first. I’m extremely annoyed right now and could use some assistance as my custom overlays are essential to my story!


It means that you haven’t created the overlay in the stage view…
Have you zoomed in where you are placing the overlay…


Yes, I’ve zoomed in. What is “stage view”?


Okay so to remove this zoom out of the background first you will see your overlay hanging somewhere else from where you have placed it then you will have to drag it to the right spot and place the coordinates according to it…
And stage view means that the overlay isn’t present where you have zoomed in or have the focus in the screen…
Hope this help and let me know if you still have the problem after this

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You need to add the overlay to the scene first, either by adding it to the background name or using the create command. A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS

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@S.Dsana and @Dara.Amarie thanks!

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