Overlay in the start & begging

Hello, I have a questions about overlays.

In that photo they have 4 option for the readers and anytime you click on one of them it does whatever the word says.
How do you do that?? Like how would you add the words in the correct spot and then once you click on it, it’s does what it says?
(If that made no sense please tell me)

  1. To be continued overlay
    The overlay to be continued.

It’s like the overlay enters from the left or it fades in!

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Those are tappable overlays! Need help?


Im not very good with animating overlays, infact I dont know how, but I know that you have to spot direct your overlays first before you can animate them

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Yes, please!

Before you learn this, you’ll need to know:
-how to place overlays with spot directing (you don’t have to use spot directing but its helpful sometimes)
-how to change the opacity of overlays, so its visible on screen
-how to make a basic choice

If you know how to do that already, you can move on to a guide to tappable overlays which helped me a lot when I first learned how to code them: :slight_smile:


Thank you!

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No problem!

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