Overlay intro glitching

So… for my story… I’ve come up with a cool idea for it’s intro. Basically black screen… First main character that is seen in the story appears (as on overlay) followed by the story title appearing…
And then episode number/name and then in future episodes the other main characters overlays are added.

@pause for a beat
@transition fade out black
@overlay OVERLAYBELLE create
@overlay OVERLAYBELLE shifts to 192 182
@overlay OVERLAYBELLE scales to 1.0 1.0
@overlay OVERLAYBELLE moves to layer 2
@overlay OVERLAYBELLE opacity 1
@transition fade in black
@pause for 3
@transition fade out black
#ADD overlay “silence” next…
#ADD overlay “speaks” next…
#Add overlay “EP name” next…

Overlays don’t show on the INT. BLACK - DAY/NIGHT backgrounds, you have to upload your own!

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