Overlay is just one color bug

Hello everyone!
I am seeing a bug where I write the overlay into the story but when I am on both the web previewer and mobile previewer, all I see is just one color, in my case it’s blue.
What should I do?


Hey! So I guess if u mean that the all the colors of the overlays r blue in color…well, I am not sure how to fix it cuz I have never got that issue (thankfully lol)

Maybe u can send a support ticket?

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Well, apparently it doesn’t work with the background: INT. BLACK - DAY.
Any other works, so it’s fine!:slight_smile:

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There’s some weird issue with this background- something to do with the size of it- all overlays tend to be really oversized so you’ll only see a fraction of them (and have to scale them wayyyyyy down). Upload your own plain black background :slight_smile:


Thank you!


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Hello! :wave:t3:

How can i make a topic?

If you go to the start page you will see a small square saying: new topic and then you just click on it and make a new topic.
If you are a new member of the forum you won’t be able to see it. If so you need to be active for 30min -1 hour