Overlay is moving opposite direction than scripted

Here is the script:

&SEATTLE is laugh_chuckle AND CONNER is laugh_giggle AND ERICSSON is laugh_chuckle
&overlay PK2 create
&overlay PK2 opacity 1 in 0
&overlay PK2 shifts to 105 94 in zone 2
&overlay PK2 scales to 1.737 1.737
&overlay PK2 moves to layer 3
@remove PARKER

KATHERINE (talk_neutral)
Parker don’t you dare!

&overlay PK2 shifts to 347 96 in 2
@overlay PK2 scales to 1.737 1.737

The overlay is of Parker carrying Katherine. Instead of moving to the right offscreen, it’s moving to the left…

Try adding the “zone 2” part in there

You also don’t need to put @overlay PK2 scales to 1.737 1.737 underneath as the size is remaining the same, not changing.

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Thank you! That worked! I didn’t think I needed to since I was already in zone 2.

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No problem :yay: :lollipop:

Closed: Marked as solved by op @Kayla.Episode Thanks to @JemU776 for the assist :yay: