Overlay is not appearing

im having trouble making my overlay appear in the location i placed it in and idk what im doing wrong i tried everything to make my overlay appear but i can seem to fix the problem can someone please help?

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Can you post your script with the overlay please?

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@pause for a beat
@zoom on 308 517 to 350% in 1.5
@pause for a beat
@zoom on 80 461 to 350% in 2.0
@pause for 0.5
@overlay EMLM opacity 0 in 0.9
@pause for a beat
@zoom on 238 507 to 122% in 0
@overlay LMM opacity 0% in 0.0 then overlay LMM opacity 100% in 0.6 loop INFINITE times
@overlay LO1 opacity 1 in 0

(L01 is what im having trouble with i cant seem to make it appear its currently placed on layer 3 and its a speech bubble overlay i tried coding it in @overlay LO1 opacity 100% in 0 but it wont appear)

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Did you create that overlay in script already and did you already spot the overlay on scene?

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yes i have it on script alreadt and i did spot it its kinda long since i have alot of overlays can i show you my script to see if it can help in anyway?

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Yes. Can you post a screen shot of it.

EXT. MOUNTAIN ROAD CAR LOOP - DAY with SEATSBACK at layer -31 with EWELR at layer -30 with EBELR at layer -29 with ELBS at layer -28 with EMLM at layer -27 with EHLM at layer -26 with EECM at layer -25 with LMM at layer -24 with ETD at layer -23 with LRCHAIRS at layer -22 with SBLR at layer -21 with WHEELL at layer -20 with REARVIEW at layer -19 with LO1 at layer 3 with LO2 at layer 4 with LO3 at layer 5 with LO4 at layer 6 with LO5 at layer 7 with LO6 at layer 8
@zoom on 46 450 to 223% in 0
&FORREST stands screen center
&FORREST spot 2.396 189 -560
&FORREST is idle_hold_gun
&FORREST moves to layer -22
&LANE stands screen center
&LANE moves to layer 1
&LANE spot 0.497 20 151
&overlay 5708000595279872_SEATSBACK shifts to -62 -120
&overlay 5708000595279872_SEATSBACK scales to 1.000 1.000

&overlay 5708000595279872_EWELR shifts to 59 316
&overlay 5708000595279872_EWELR scales to 0.222 0.222

&overlay 5708000595279872_EBELR shifts to 95 367
&overlay 5708000595279872_EBELR scales to 0.107 0.107

&overlay 5708000595279872_ELBS shifts to -4 -19
&overlay 5708000595279872_ELBS scales to 0.827 0.827

&overlay 5708000595279872_EMLM shifts to -23 -78
&overlay 5708000595279872_EMLM scales to 0.942 0.942

&overlay 5708000595279872_EHLM shifts to 5 1
&overlay 5708000595279872_EHLM scales to 0.770 0.770

&overlay 5708000595279872_EECM shifts to -3 -12
&overlay 5708000595279872_EECM scales to 0.813 0.813
&overlay EECM opacity 0 in 0

&overlay 5708000595279872_LMM shifts to -29 -59
&overlay 5708000595279872_LMM scales to 0.899 0.899
&overlay LMM opacity 0 in 0

&overlay 5708000595279872_ETD shifts to 100 396
&overlay 5708000595279872_ETD scales to 0.035 0.035
&overlay ETD opacity 0 in 0

&overlay 5708000595279872_LRCHAIRS shifts to 0 -31
&overlay 5708000595279872_LRCHAIRS scales to 0.813 0.813

&overlay 5708000595279872_SBLR shifts to -31 -5
&overlay 5708000595279872_SBLR scales to 0.971 0.971

&overlay 5708000595279872_WHEELL shifts to 35 -59
&overlay 5708000595279872_WHEELL scales to 0.741 0.741

&overlay 5708000595279872_REARVIEW shifts to 9 87
&overlay 5708000595279872_REARVIEW scales to 0.683 0.683

&overlay 5708000595279872_LO1 shifts to 134 282
&overlay 5708000595279872_LO1 scales to 0.193 0.193
&overlay LO1 opacity 0 in 0

&overlay 5708000595279872_LO2 shifts to 112 263
&overlay 5708000595279872_LO2 scales to 0.222 0.222
&overlay LO2 opacity 0 in 0

&overlay 5708000595279872_LO3 shifts to 120 269
&overlay 5708000595279872_LO3 scales to 0.208 0.208
&overlay LO3 opacity 0 in 0

&overlay 5708000595279872_LO4 shifts to 114 264
&overlay 5708000595279872_LO4 scales to 0.222 0.222
&overlay LO4 opacity 0 in 0

&overlay 5708000595279872_LO5 shifts to 113 263
&overlay 5708000595279872_LO5 scales to 0.222 0.222
&overlay LO5 opacity 0 in 0

&overlay 5708000595279872_LO6 shifts to 96 250
&overlay 5708000595279872_LO6 scales to 0.251 0.251
&overlay LO6 opacity 0 in 0

Okay weird qustion byt why are you even uploading a speach bubble

Well you need to set opacity to 1 and not to 0 if you want the overlay to appear


Im uploading a speech bubble beacuse i cant lower the opacity on charecters and i dont want the charecter (blank) to appear on the screen ,ofscreen etc…idk if this anwsers your question but yhea :slight_smile:

i tried that but it wont work

I am not seeing any errors compared to your script other than sometimes the overlay names change. Like: LO1 and a bunch of numbers_LO1

Well these are incorrect ? It should be without the % and as I said, 1 and not 0.

If this helps at all, you can remove the characters name by making a duplicate character and removing their name from script.

how would i remove the charecters name?without showing its name?

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You can use percents or decimals for overlay opacity. Both of them work.

@overlay OVERLAY opacity 75%
@overlay OVERLAY opacity 0.75


Oh thank you ! I never saw it that way, so I thought it was wrong. I am sorry for misleading :slight_smile:


some people use decimals like me or percanteges anyways both ways are correct but thanks

Delete this and leave it blank

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