Overlay is WAY too big

So I have two overlays that are showing up WAY too big. I have to scale them down to .01 for them to show up the correct size. I don’t know why, and this has never happened to me before. I tried changing the code a bunch of times, I tried updating the script, I tried reuploading the overlays, I tried closing out and reopening the browser, I even tried restarting my entire computer… Nothing is working! I checked the size of the overlays and they’re only at 481x192. There is no reason for them to be showing up this huge. No reason I can think of anyways… Someone please help me! :tired_face: :weary: Thanks in advance! :blush:

Is it maybe your zoom? Like do you have the zoom reset or a previous one on the scene?

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No this is actually the very first scene of the very first chapter of my new story. And I made sure to reset the zoom anyways just to make sure.

Hmm :thinking: that’s really so weird lol I can’t really think of anything else either. Maybe it’s a glitch. :thinking:
May I see your script? And maybe even your overlay to see if it uploads the same on my end?

are you using int. black - night

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Yes I am

That background does that to the overlays. I suggest you upload your own black background


Really?? That’s so weird! Alright I’ll try that

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Oh my goodness it worked! Thank you!

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I uploaded my own black background and it fixed the overlay size! Thanks for pointing that background issue out!

yeah no probs

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