Overlay isnt showing up

my “ONE SHOT” overlay isn’t apperaing

@cut to zone 1

@overlay WAITING opacity 0.5
@overlay WAITING to layer 4
@overlay 4723358450843648_WAITING shifts to -3 3
@overlay 4723358450843648_WAITING scales to 2.656 2.656

@zoom on 0 0 to 105% in 0

@YOU spot 0.776 -41 144

@YOU walks to spot 0.776 55 142

Choice - Simple {

    You hear machinery whir above you


@YOU walks to spot 0.776 222 163 in 3 AND YOU is swim_rear

@YOU spot 0.776 385 176

@YOU is idle_lay_exhausted

@speechbubble is 172 188 to 100% with tail_bottom_right


(There was probably a better way to do that.)

@speechbubble reset

@overlay ONE SHOT create

@overlay ONE SHOT opacity 1

@overlay ONE SHOT moves to layer 5


Here is the 2nd option they could pick and the dialogue they'll see.

It's good to keep a few lines of dialogue, so it feels unique.

Change "NARRATOR" in all of these to the characters you have talking.

You can also add as much dialogue as you want!



the overlay looks like this

What I always do is use the overlay helper and try to look if I can move the overlay that way. maybe this overlay is so big that it has been put in zone 2 ? anyway try to play with the overlay helper

So I checked it for you and indeed the overlay is so big that it just stands in zone 2
You need to make it smaller or move it to the right spot

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