Overlay isn't working. Help asap

I’m using an overlay and a background that’s cut to zone 3. I copied the way my overlay’s supposed to look in the screen but when I preview it in the web previewwer or the app the overlay’s still in zone 1 and not on screen.

What’s the code for that?
Here’s my script,
overlay 5473899824545792_OPEN DOOR shifts to -329 52
overlay 5473899824545792_OPEN DOOR scales to 0.619 0.619

Great. Thank you!

Why all the numbers? Wouldn’t it be easier to just name it OPEN DOOR. Although I think I might know what it is. It only shows the numbers because it’s still in review. You don’t need to have them there. Just say overlay OPEN DOOR. Unless you actually named the overlay all those numbers… :joy::joy::joy:

lol it’s still in reveiw

How would I layer the overlay?

@cut to zone 3
&overlay 5473899824545792_CLOSE LIGHT DOOR shifts to -214 46 in zone 3
&overlay 5473899824545792_CLOSE LIGHT DOOR scales to 0.619 0.619