Overlay issue - please help ASAP

I’m having trouble with my overlay.
This is what I typed into my coding and I keep getting the warning that says 'specify one of “shifts to”, “rotates”, “scales to”, “opacity”, “to layer” for your overlay animation.

@overlay BATHROOM MIRROR AND SINK shifts to -1 90
@overlay BATHROOM MIRROR AND SINK scales to 1.000 1.000
@overlay BATHROOM MIRROR AND SINK to layer 2
@overlay BATHROOM MIRROR AND SINK opacity 0.5

I’ve used this coding before and it’s worked fine but not his time.
If anyone knows what I can do to stop this please help!

Should be
@overlay BATHROOM MIRROR AND SINK moves to layer 2

“to” or “moves to” they both work, although “to” is more correct.

I tried that but it’s saying the same thing.

The problem is the AND in the overlay name. The script thinks your trying to use the “and” command. You’ll have to re-upload the overlay using a different name that doesn’t have the word “AND”

Thank you so much!
I’ve been trying to work this for 2 days.

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