Overlay issues help,help,help

Ok I am having trouble with putting overlays in my story.
I’m using

  • @overlay OVERLAY_NAME create

Just to start it off then I was going to preview that story, find the overlay, then shift to where ever I need it.

I see the dotted white line for the overlay and I’m able to move it around but the overlay is invisible.
There’s another overlay I have and the box won’t even show up.
I’ve tried zooming out and looking for it. I also tried re-uploading it and it still does the same thing. None of my uploaded overlays work.
Its also not on INT. BLACK its happening on a bedroom background.

Did you set its opacity too?
&overlay OVERLAY_NAME opacity 1 in 0


You need to add the opacity command and set the opacity to 1 to make the overlay visible

@overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 1 in 0


it worked thank you

thank you

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