Overlay issues in ch 2


So it says my overlays were approved but it still shows an error on the chapter of where the overlay is and says its still in review. I Also have covers pending review as well I’m wondering if maybe its because of the covers? if not what should I do?


Th covers shouldnt affect it. Make sure that specific overlay was approved. And then, if you haven’t, refresh the script page and then save.


Okay I guess ill just wait until the covers are approved and see what happened after that. Thank You!


Nooo :joy::joy::joy: typo
It shouldn’t affect the overlays.


OOOHHH lol ok so I did refresh it then and saved it went away lol


I read it wrong my bad lol


No worries. I’m glad you were able to fix the issue.


Moved to Directing Helps and Tips as Feature + Art Suggestions is for requests to the Episode team. Thanks :smile: