Overlay keeps popping up in front of character no matter what layer

Hoping someone can help! No matter what overlay I put my characters in the curtain overlay keeps being in front of KATHERINE! Please help!

SEATTLE (talk_neutral)
You look stunning!

CONNER (talk_neutral)
Thank you, okay I’ll take this one.

SA (talk_neutral)
Great, I will put this behind the counter.
Go ahead and get changed and I’ll move on to who’s next.

SEATTLE (talk_exclaim_yes_happy)
Me! I already know a few dresses I love.

SA (talk_neutral)
Perfect, let’s go.

@CONNER walks to spot 0.492 187 362 AND SEATTLE walks to spot 0.721 332 219 AND SA walks to spot 0.624 323 292 AND GRAYSON is idle AND KATHERINE moves to layer 4 AND PARKER moves to layer 5

&overlay CURTAIN create
&overlay CURTAIN shifts to 90 150 in zone 3
&overlay CURTAIN scales to 1.000 1.000
&overlay CURTAINS moves to layer 0
@overlay CURTAIN opacity 1 in 0

I believe you mean CURTAIN without the S

LORRRRD it’s always a stupid, simple mistake and I overthink it!! Haha! THANK YOU!

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Closed: Marked as solved by op @Kayla.Episode :yay: