Overlay layer glitch


In my story I made it where the blanket goes over the girl, but it goes over the guy too. I don’t want it to go over the guy, just the girl. He’s currently in layer 1 and she’s currently in layer 2.

@overlay BLACK BLANKET create
@overlay BLACK BLANKET opacity 1 in 0

@overlay BLACK BLANKET shifts to 407 170
@overlay BLACK BLANKET scales to 0.791 0.791

&overlay BLACK BLANKET rotates 270 in 0
&overlay BLACK BLANKET to layer 2

@overlay BLACK BLANKET shifts to 301 167 in 3 using easeout
@overlay BLACK BLANKET scales to 0.791 0.791


try moving him to layer 3


It worked :sweat_smile:

I feel a little dumb for not trying it

Thank you!


Don’t feel dumb, takes awhile but glad i could help :slight_smile:


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Marked as solved and closed. Thanks all!