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Hello fellow authors! I am trying to make a character enter over an overlay. Can someone help me? The character is Matthew. Please and Thank you! ((DISCLAIMER: Please ignore the youtube video I am watching))

The enter command ignores your layering completely, you need to spot direct for this and use @MATTHEW walks to spot…

try this one

INT. DUNGEON - NIGHT with PRISON BARS to 0.748 -326 -4 in zone 2 at layer 2
@ETHAN moves to layer 1
@ETHAN spot 0.543 240 329
@zoom on 565 726 to 167%
@ETHAN is idle_shiver_cold_loop
ETHAN (idle_shiver_cold_loop)
(Where am I? )
ETHAN (idle_shiver_cold_loop)
(And what happened?)
@MATTHEW moves to layer 3
@MATTHEW enters from left to spot 0.624 139 275

Thank you @Jakefxy and @_Ingrid

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Did it work?

yes thank you

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