Overlay/Layering help needed :D


Hey! I’m having some trouble getting one of my characters in front of the overlay…

It’s a bar scene with a character behind the bar overlay but no matter what layer number I put for the other character, she stays behind the bar :confused:

Can anyone help?


The character you want in front of the bar has to be at a higher layer than the bar. So if your bar is at layer 0 for example, the other character has to be at 1 or higher


Here’s a guide to layering image
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Are there no layer after layer 2??


I think you can go higher than two


Okay as I have so just wanted to confirm…:blush::blush:


you can go as high as -100 and as high as 100, I think it’s an infinite of layers you can use lol




@brvnda @writingwithwings Thank you guys so much for your help! Sorry for the late reply – I had to wait before I could reply again :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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@Ryan Hey! could you close this topic now? My question was answered :slight_smile: