Overlay layering help please

I have three overlays I am using. They are all at different layers and all but one are okay and work just fine.

** &overlay HAIR AND MAKE UP DONE moves to layer -1**

This is the only overlay that is not working, it says I can’t move overlay to layer -1??? It has to be -1 because I need it in between two characters for it to work. Can someone help me with it, please?

do 0 for the layer

Okay thank you I’ll try it :slight_smile:

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It’s still saying the same thing…

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try at layer 0

I did, it says I can’t just as it did at -1

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no i mean use at

okay, I used & for the other two so didn’t think that could be it, but I’m up for trying anything :slight_smile:

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not like you know how did move try doing at layer -1 or 0

It’s still saying I can’t do it…:frowning:

what are you typing in bb ok like this

&overlay FRIES (DONT use fries lol) at layer 0

INT.SPENCERLIVINGROOM-NIGHT with HAIR AND MAKE UP DONE in zone 2 with EYESHOWDOS to 0.190 246 115 in zone 2 with LIPSTICKS to 0.208 263 155 in zone 2

&zoom reset

&overlay HAIR AND MAKE UP DONE moves to layer -1
&overlay EYESHOWDOWS moves to layer 3
&overlay LIPSTICKS moves to layer 2

&cut to zone 2

&QUITEN spot 0.885 222 183 AND QUITEN moves to layer -2 AND QUITEN faces left AND QUITEN is talk_sit_neutral_arms_crossed AND TAYLER spot 0.525 218 317 AND TAYLER moves to layer 2 AND TAYLER faces left AND TAYLER is tinker_loop_rear

&TYLER spot 0.444 164 358 AND TYLER moves to layer 1 AND TYLER faces left AND TYLER is tinker_loop_rear

@transition fade in black 2

Here is what I have, the other two overlays are working great its just the one will not move layers.

&overlay HAIR AND MAKE UP DONE moves to layer 0

Yes I tried it just like that.

Ive tried it like this also and it says no

IS it saying an error on its just not moving layers or both

It has a error and its not moveing to layer.
Its showing up but its not moveing to the layer and it says: Is not a vaild directing command

THATS odd because im testing it out and its perfectly fine let me get someone

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I thought so to because the other two overlays are working just fine, it’s just that one.