Overlay layers aren't working

I’ve got rain overlays that go behind overlay MODERN MANSION but for some reason the overlay won’t move behind the rain overlays. There’s no error warnings.

Try moving the rain to layer -5 maybe?

Hasn’t made a difference :frowning:

In line 3862 how come you created the same overlay, am i misunderstanding?

Everything seems to be in the same zone so i dont think you need that for me id code it this way

Background with MODERN MANSION with RAIN1 with RAIN2

&[enter rain 1 shift and scale]
&[enter rain2 shift and scale]

(instead of putting them with the background)

Then place your glass overlay im guessing is the modern mansion overlay

Then make rain move to layer -5 and the glass over lay -4 and move up from there with the characters etc

You should be able to use the same looping command so dont change that

Also make sure you move the mansion overlay in place and add it to your script as well

Still doesn’t make a difference. I’ve no idea why it’s doing this as it worked when I last checked it a few weeks ago.

Sorry! Just figured it out! I had added ‘Create Layer’ AFTER the layering change. So sorry! Thank you for all the help!

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Glad it worked out no problem!

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