Overlay looks silly help

Hi everyone could someone make me or have a bike overlay I have the bike but trying to get 2 characters to sit in the right position is driving me mad I’ve even tried the horse position but it really don’t look right.


Well, you’ll have to get a custom pose because you cant split a character over an overlay.

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Could you tell me how I can get one made please

Go to an art shop.

I’ve emailed someone so I have to just wait now thank you for your help

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Hi or you can just change the layer of your character and overlay

Move your character to layer 2
And overlay to layer 0

Check to see if, with the character animation, you can only see one leg or two. If there’s only one leg then place the characters over the overlay.

If not then a custom pose would be the best way to go. Also it may be better since the horse riding animation in movement can look a little weird on a motorbike :))

You would have to make another overlay that covers the part that you want behind the bike, if you don’t want to go to an art shop, but maybe you will have to go to one anyway if you don’t know how to make that overlays. Either way works. Or also use @scarlettm idea.

Sry if that does not make any scene ^^ lol

Thank you everyone I’ve asked for someone to make a custom pose. Hopefully they get back to me and I can continue with my story