Overlay moves with screen - Help

Hey everyone!

I’m trying to figure out how to have an overlay track with the screen as it pans around.
I know I saw how to do it somewhere but can’t find it now that I need it. :sleepy:

If anyone knows how to do this and can let me know, you’d be a great help. Thanks!

Maybe try searching “Episode Notes” on YT for the same?

I’m seeing mostly the same stuff that’s everywhere about how to create and animate them instead of what I’m looking for specifically, but thank you

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Hiya! :wave:

Overlays that are pinned to the camera when panning are called “ui”.

Dara has a brief mention of ui in her tappable overlay guide, but from what I can tell, making them tappable isn’t a requirement to have them, they can be non-tappable as well.

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YES! Thank you :slight_smile:

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