Overlay moving to different layers

I need help moving my overlays to different layers.

&move BLOCKS to layer -2

That is how I put it, but it says I can not do that…I just need someone to tell me why I can’t move any of my overlays to any different layers. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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It should be
&overlay BLOCKS to layer -2

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Thank you so much. :slight_smile:

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@transition fade out black 2

INT.SPENCERLIVINGROOM-NIGHT with BOOK with BOY TRUCK in zone 2 with BROWN BEAR in zone 2 with BLOCKS with DINO with KIDS BAG in zone 2 with PINK TOY CAR with PUZZLE with TOY1 with TOY2 in zone 2

&overlay 6299660190220288_TOY1 shifts to 109 196
&overlay 6299660190220288_TOY1 scales to 0.118 0.118

&overlay 6299660190220288_BLOCKS shifts to 182 205
&overlay 6299660190220288_BLOCKS scales to 0.226 0.226

&overlay 6299660190220288_DINO shifts to 224 234
&overlay 6299660190220288_DINO scales to 0.388 0.388

&overlay 6299660190220288_PINK TOY CAR shifts to 50 76
&overlay 6299660190220288_PINK TOY CAR scales to 0.208 0.208

&overlay 6299660190220288_PUZZLE shifts to 240 32
&overlay 6299660190220288_PUZZLE scales to 0.514 0.514

&overlay 6299660190220288_BOOK shifts to 193 128
&overlay 6299660190220288_BOOK scales to 0.316 0.316

&overlay 6299660190220288_KIDS BAG shifts to 129 155 in zone 2
&overlay 6299660190220288_KIDS BAG scales to 0.172 0.172 in zone 2

&overlay 6299660190220288_BROWN BEAR shifts to 165 45 in zone 2
&overlay 6299660190220288_BROWN BEAR scales to 0.262 0.262 in zone 2

&overlay 6299660190220288_TOY2 shifts to 61 71 in zone 2
&overlay 6299660190220288_TOY2 scales to 0.370 0.370 in zone 2

&overlay 6299660190220288_BOY TRUCK shifts to 224 140 in zone 2
&overlay 6299660190220288_BOY TRUCK scales to 1.000 1.000 in zone 2

&overlay BLOCKS to layer -2

&TYLER moves to layer -1

&overlay BOOK to layer 1

&TAYLER moves to layer 2

&overlay DINO to layer -1

&SPENCER moves to layer 1

&SPENCER spot 0.651 320 295 AND SPENCER is sit

&TAYLER spot 0.525 213 225 AND TAYLER faces right AND TAYLER is tinker_kneel_loop AND TAYLER moves to layer 2

&TYLER spot 0.255 163 406 AND TYLER is tinker_loop_rear AND TYLER moves to layer -1

@transition fade in black 2

Would you know why everything is showing up before it fads in then fading in and jumping to were it should be on the screen?

Add it to your background

INT.ROOM with toy to 0.345 34 33
That way they stay in place and don’t move.
1st number is the scales and the other 2 numbers are the shifts

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So do I want to add the scale and shifts to the background? Do I just need to then tack everything else out from the overlays but the layers I moved them to?

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Yes you do
Add layers underneath

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I don’t know, I just keep getting a error. I guess this scene is just going to have to be messed up a little at first.

What does the error say?