Overlay Needed Again

i’m in need of an overlay for both night and day covers for my story :smiley:

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What’s the overlay?

the covers for both versions please !

So you need a cover and not an overlay?

wait no no , i meant i need an overlay of the bed sheets

Is this okay?


perfect! thank you ! credit ??

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i’m sorry , but the overlays can’t be accepted because it says it was over 1 MB (idk what that’s about) :cry:

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Resize on a website and try again

There’s no credit needed :two_hearts: but yeah you can just resize unless you want me to do it for you?

how would i do that ?

actually can you do it for me , if you don’t mind ?:sweat_smile:

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Yeah no problem, hold on :two_hearts:

Here you go I’ve checked to see if they work and they do, remember to click on them then save it :two_hearts:


thank you so much !:weary:

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Of course np :two_hearts: