Overlay needed ASAP!Please and Thank you

Can someone please make an overlay of the reception desk? 8c272b5a2a42d1d4e0b024e45b0acbd241338afd_2_690x408|690x408 desk in this picture?

Hey this was my first time making one but here

The edge is like that because the flower pot was there
If you want anything changed then let me know!

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It’s perfect! THANKS :grin:

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Oh ok I’m glad!

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Hey, is it okay if i use the bakground? I will credit you :blush:

of course you can :slight_smile:

Hey, I’d like to use the background and desk. I know to give credit for the desk. But who do I give credit for the desk?

Feel free to use it! Don’t worry about the credit :slight_smile:

Oh, Okay thank YOU :slight_smile:

I will like use the background for my current story, what about the credits?

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sorry I saw this so late, don’t worry about credit :blush: