Overlay needed for a background please

Hey, I’m looking for someone to make a locker overlay or know someone who has a overlay for this background;
(door open overlay)

I shared some here one for male and one for female

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Are you able to make something different in the locker? it’s alright if no :blush:

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Yeah i can do that but not now since i am not home

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:blush: Thats alright, I’ll send you some pictures of what I’d like give me a moment

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Are you able to make 2? Because I just realised I’d be needing 2 different ones because theres going to be a cheer uniform than another one with normal clothing


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Though wouldnt that be in a gym room instead Of the hall?

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ok, scratch everything i said :sweat_smile:

Can it have some books stacked on a shelf, some pictures of anything on the door (the inside) then these shoes on the floor and this bag?


Screen Shot 2021-10-28 at 6.42.31 pm


Screen Shot 2021-10-28 at 6.48.33 pm