Overlay needed for story!


Im needing a couple of overlays made for my story! Im needing the words:
as if they been spelled out in blood.


try this website. They save in png

Or something like this 23444_22089750f37252355022462b240e0b8b-blood_a_evgenia


Hey girl, I can try and do some real quick.


im not sure how to use the website it just made me download the font


if you could id appreciate it!


Is it okay if the font is this?


yeah that works perfect!


I’ll send them soon!


thank you!



perfect!! could you also make me overlays of these names but just in a normal font. they are going on doors as patients names.


Sure, is black okay?


yup that works great



Btw sorry they are massive - you can adjust their size when directing haha and if you like, (don’t have to) - feel free to credit @days.episode


Hey @Days can you make be one with the blood words saying
“I Am Always Watching”, really like that style.
I usually use this for those words but liked that one.

I will definitely credit you.


Sure :smiley:


Thank you so much. :blush:



These are amazing. Nice work @Days