Overlay needed for story!


Thanks :blush:


I need it for this but words going down.


Ohh, I see - I’ll adjust it thanks :heart:


Thank you so much.





Perfect, Love it.


Awesome :smiley:


First time I made overlays :joy:


Whoever did this, it looks amazing!! Although a little DEAR DIARY would have made it look better. IMHO.


I made it. You mean the dear diary to pop out?
@LushLove helped me come up with the ides. The first one was not approved so had to do it differently.


Ha. I missed a couple words. Sorry! Yes, a little lighter DEAR DIARY would have made that part pop.

Typing to fast. :joy:


Thank you. I have been thinking the same. Will change that. :blush:


Thank you!!! I’ll definitelt credit you!


Awesome and is your story published yet, I’d love to read it :heart:


Yes chapter 1-4 are our now and this will be in chapter 5 which I’m working on now! Here’s my link!


Thank you!