Overlay needed! help me please!

could someone make separate overlays of these characters? just with a cute animation




I could do it.

do you just need cute custom poses?

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No i dont need a custom pose, just one from episode!

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ok, I could do custom poses too if you want

I can also do just do poses from episode

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could you also do this one?

the poses from episode r just fine, but i love your custom poses lol!

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I could to that one too.

do you know which pose you want?

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  • admire_happy
  • idle_armscrossed_neutral_loop
  • talk_smile_happy_loop
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does it matter to you who does the different poses?

and do you want the background to be transparent?

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it doesn’t matter! just make sure none r the same.
and yes please

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sorry for asking so many questions, but what do you want them to wear?

I can make some casual outfits if you want

For lizzy, you can choose. please a casual one!

For the nameless character only the shirt n jeans, you can pick the shoes



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Do you have a deadline? I’m kinda busy atm

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when do you think you could have it done?

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it’s 6.30 pm here, so maybe 9-10pm

is that ok?

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ofc!! no rush, thank u btw, if u could, maybe add this one as.well?


you can pick a happy pose!


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yea, sure :relaxed:

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i love it but not to be a pain in the ass, could the firsr and the last character do a pose?

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They did:



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