Overlay needed please (Detailed and maybe tricky!) **Still needed**

Hey guys!

So for an upcoming story I am writing with a friend we want to use this background but will need all of the bar work on each layer and the steps etc as an overlay, sadly due to circumstances I am unable to do it myself and was wondering if anyone here would be able to do it?

Here is a picture with the area we need as the overlay marked out in red (everything inside them)…

Only the steps, metal bars and the walkway bridges, poles etc! None of the wall or doorways included in the overlay!

Here is the actual image…

If you can do this we will be very grateful! And will of course credit you in our story!
Thank you in advance.
@Cheyara_episode58 and @Mummyof2

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I can do it if you want

Hey there :slight_smile: If you’re sure you can do it and don’t mind, then that would be great thank you! :smiley:


Thank you so much for offering to do this!
If it’s too much work don’t feel pressured to do it just let us know :blush:

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i am so sorry i can’t do it’s a little to detailt but you can also search on the internet if you haven’t already

Searched on the internet for?

Still needed please if you can do it! :slight_smile:

Bump :smiley:

Her majestic majesty queen of overlays has come.
Bow :DDD
Few questions. You want to use this picture as a background? Because if that’s the deal, characters will be quite small, and you’re gonna have to zoom to let’s say 500-800%. This will make the bg blurry.
What I can suggest (if you have this picture in good quality) is to split it in overlays. Like split in 4-8 pieces, upload them as overlays. Overlays don’t lose quality when uploaded, contrary to backgrounds. And additionally add overlays that you have mentioned.
How does that sound?

Well in that case, welcome your majesty… My brain just exploded, I think I know what you mean, but let me just summon Lauren,

i wasn’t gonna zoom in lol, they were just gonna be background characters for when this scene happened…just thought it would’ve looked good :joy::joy:

so u don’t have conversations there or some action? Just for exposition, to show whole movement thing in prison?

yeah that’s it really, maybe a few of them chanting random shit but thats about it

To show that there are other people basically


and one prison guard yelling “quiet ya bunch of animals” but obviously shouting :joy:

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that’s what i have in my head anyway

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A similar overlay to the one you have now but without walls and all that

It’s already being done by someone