Overlay Needed. Plz plz plz <3

Hello! I’m not sure if I posted this in the correct spot but I am desperatley seeking a top-view overlay of the blanket for the bed in this background.

I plan to have two charachters in bed and have the actual bed part now I just need a blanket. If anyone can help that would be amazing. :smiling_face:

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Hope that helps you!<3

@FRizy has the top view of this bg here is her link, just give her credit. (:

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Just wondering is this something that everybody is allowed to use? And if so, who should I give credit to on my story :grin:

I’m not able to find it? Is it in a specific folder of hers?

Ofcourse anyone can use it<3
Do you mean who made the overlays or whose pictures are overlays made from?

I found it on printrest so the pictures are not mine but I don’t think its illegal because the photos aren’t private and whoever took the photos don’t put watermarks-
for the overlay question: I made the overlays :slight_smile:

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You said Frizy has the exact bed in her collection but I’m unable to find it :slightly_frowning_face:

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I didn’t say that hun, It was @phoenix.brunet
(Iam sorry if you didn’t want to be tag.), I’ve sent you overlays of 2 beds choose whatever looks close to the bed<3

You have to go to the folder “backgrounds by Frizy” then to the folder “Bed_package” you’ll find it there

I found it! Thank you! :smiley: