Overlay Needed Urgently! Please & Thank You!

I need an overlay of a picture of these two:

Character 1

Female Generic Body (Neutral 01)
Arched Thick Styled (Strawberry Blonde)
Long Down Wavy Princess Braid (Strawberry Blonde)
Deepset Upturned Wide (Green Emerald)
Heart Soft
Button Round
Full Heart Pouty (Red Deep Gloss)

Outfit 1

Freckles Heavy (00-03)
Flat Top Sneakers Flower Patches Black
Ripped Leggings Simple Polyester Complex Color (Red True)
Short Sleeve V Neck T Shirt Cotton Complex Color (Pink Blush)

Pose 1

Character 2

Male Generic Body (Neutral 03)
Arched Medium (Deep Brown)
Military Fade Cut (Deep Brown)
Deepest Downturned (Grey Cool)
Diamond Soft
Button Round
Full Heart Neutral (Fair Neutral Matte)

Outfit 2

Rolled Sleeve Jean Jacket Denim Grey Light Warm
Slacks Casual Fitted Wool Complex Color (Red True)
Chunky Sneakers Leather White

Pose 2


I can do it!
But I need a few more information:

  • Is the girl staying on the left or right? And is the guy on the left or right?
  • Which zone do you want me to put them? (like in the center or more on the right/left)
  • Any extras? (text, filter etc…)
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Right, facing left

Left, facing right



Ok, give me a few hours or so, I’ll get it done by then :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :revolving_hearts:

Don’t know if either of these are any good for you :kissing_heart:

Heya, could you please give me the name of the:

  • Girl pose
  • Male pose

Cause I’m trying to get a better quality of the character so I need the character pose name.
Thank you :blob_hearts: :kissing_heart:

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flirt_liftchin_recieve_shy & flirt_wink_happy

Here ya go! I was messing around with some filter but I’m gonna give you the filter one and without the filter one, just in case you don’t like it :wink: :white_heart:

without filter

with filter

Hope ya like it :kissing_heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Just checking, did you see this? Thanks

btw if ur gonna use it u can credit me by my forum name pls!! @SofiaxD

Yes, but I needed the photo IN a frame…

Ohhhh sorry I’ll do it in 2 seconds

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Here ya go!!

Without filter

With filter

Please credit by my forum name: @SofiaxD