Overlay not appearing, but background is approved and so is overlay

My overlay doesn’t show up when I shift and scale it into zone 2 but it does appear when I don’t have the shift and scale…
Without the shift and scale it appears offscreen in zone 2, I would like to place my character behind the counter in the kitchen but can’t seem to do it. I ususally don’t add the overlay into the background like it shows in the screenshot but it’s the only way I get it to appear :feels:
Can someone help me out please :weary:

Background and overlay are by @amepisode

Background and overlay

Do you mean it’s invisible or literally won’t appear at all (and can’t be selected)?

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When it’s not included with the background, it doesn’t appear at all. The way I have it in the screenshot is the only way I can get it to appear but it’s not allowing me to shift and scale it.

I usually just type it all out since it’s easier for me, but when I do that it says my overlay doesn’t exist

you cant have the word AND in overlays, it will threath it as being the AND commoand.


Oh I forgot about that, I remember making a similar topic.
I keep forgetting you can’t have the AND in the overlay name. Thank you for pointing it out, I reuploaded it with underscores

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Try adding @/overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 1 that way it should show up without including it with the background :revolving_hearts:

I do do that but it wasn’t showing up at all, I re-uploaded my overlays with underscores since the AND was throwing it off :nerd_face: