Overlay not fading in or fading out?


It’s not working, it’s just not showing up and I’m not using the web previewer im using the app and it’s not fading in on both it just doesn’t appear

Opacity needs to be set to 1.

1 means fully visible, 0 means not visible at all.

Yup still not showing up, it’s just popping up after 5 seconds and not fading in🫤

Because of your transition on line 3. That transition is happening first then it moves into the next command.

Place the transition after the overlay placement. Here is a guide for script symbols so you know the when to use @ or & for your commands

It’s still doing the same thing :sob:

You need to reorganize your commands. The transition should go on line 16 and the overlay opacity command should go on line 15 after the shift and scales commands

Okay I just removed the transitions but idk what I’m doing wrong it’s still not working :sob:

You need the overlay name

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I’m stupid, thank you lol :sob:

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