Overlay not panning with camera, what am I doing wrong?

@ add Sheet Paper White to RANDO3FEM


&cut to zone 3 AND zoom on 0 0 to 115% in 0

&overlay EFHTABLEOFFICE shifts to 232 41 in zone 1
&overlay EFHTABLEOFFICE scales to 0.856 0.856
&overlay EFHTABLEOFFICE moves to layer 4
&ui VIGNETTE shifts to 12 -279 in zone 2
&ui VIGNETTE scales to 2.379 2.379
&ui VIGNETTE moves to layer 10

&RANDO1MALE spot 0.747 35 237 in zone 2 AND RANDO1MALE moves to layer 3 AND RANDO1 spot 0.632 138 270 in zone 3 AND RANDO1 moves to layer 3 AND RANDO3FEM spot 0.731 222 227 in zone 3 AND RANDO3FEM moves to layer 4 AND RANDO2MALE spot 0.722 246 243 in zone 2 AND RANDO2MALE moves to layer 3 AND RANDO2FEM spot 0.740 63 186 in zone 3 AND RANDO2FEM moves to layer 3 AND ORIANA spot 0.730 -45 213 in zone 1

&RANDO1 faces right AND RANDO1 is think_rubchin AND RANDO3FEM is read_paper_neutral AND RANDO2FEM is talk_neutral_loop AND RANDO2MALE faces right AND RANDO2MALE is listen_nod_neutral_loop AND RANDO1MALE is idle_handsonhips_loop_rear THEN RANDO1 faces right AND RANDO1 is talk_think_neutral

@ transition fade in black in 5

&RANDO2FEM moves to layer 2 AND RANDO2FEM walks to spot 0.667 316 252 in zone 2 in 2 AND RANDO2FEM faces right AND RANDO2FEM does it while walk_neutral_rear THEN RANDO2FEM is tinker_stand_neutral_loop_rear THEN RANDO2MALE is think_rubchin THEN RANDO1MALE faces right AND RANDO1MALE is talk_exhausted THEN RANDO1MALE faces left AND RANDO1MALE is idle_handsonhips_loop_rear

@ pan to zone 1 in 10

sound body_drop

@ zoom on 37 17 to 115% in 0.1
@ zoom on 0 0 to 115% in 0.1
@ zoom on 37 17 to 115% in 0.1
@ zoom on 0 0 to 115% in 0.1
@ zoom on 37 17 to 115% in 0.1
@ zoom on 0 0 to 115% in 0.1

&SECURITYUNIT1 spot 1.250 -127 41 in zone 1
@ speechbubble is 176 409 to 107% with tail_bottom_left
Stop! You are breaking the law.

I’ve bolded the part thats not working. When I added “ui” in the place of “overlay” It just moved the overlay completely. but when i change it back to “overlay” it goes to the correct position

when you pan to zone 1 you have to code the overlay to shift to zone 1 with it, because you’ve placed it in zone 2.

Yeah, I thought adding the “ui” in place of the “overlay” would keep the overlay in place on the screen though?

From Dara’s website:
Using “ui” to Pin-to-Camera

@ui OVERLAY_NAME create

@ui OVERLAY_NAME shifts to 50 100 in zone 1

@ui OVERLAY_NAME scales to 1.0 1.0

@ui OVERLAY_NAME opacity 1

it should, im not sure why thats not working, id recommend you just change it back to &overlay and then code it to shft to where you want it in zone 1 though

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The ui command does exactly as you said: It sticks an overlay to the screen at one size. When you pan/cut to other zones with a ui, it will follow. If you try to direct it to zone 2, it will always go to the right of the current zone, even if you’re in zone 2 (since ui follows a zone 1 kind of deal). If you want to use ui, you need to remove the code you’ve bolded and it’ll work fine. You’re still thinking in overlay terms by shifting it.

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The issue is because you added the overlay with the background name. This makes the overlay an “overlay” instead of a “ui”. You have to use the ui create command instead of adding it with the background name. Also, don’t add a zone other than zone 1 to a ui shift command. ui’s should always be in zone 1

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Ahh, this cleared it up and worked. Thank you!

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