Overlay not show character behind it

Hey for some reason my overlay show like this

Like the box and thing show and I can’t see my character behind it can someone please help me.




The second one shows a white wall on top of the overlay.

You can find the overlay here:

Download it and use that one :blob_sun:

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The overlay isn’t png, the squares aren’t really transparent and the white is just above it :slight_smile: use the link that @JemU776 gave u

The bar overlay she has in her scene is a PNG file (to upload overlays, files need to be in PNG). OP, when you’re uploading images into the overlays section, look at how they appear before you send them in for a review. But yeah, the main problem is the white and gray boxes behind the bar counter, they’re visible, not transparent so I recommend to re-upload it with a new one that is a bar overlay with a transparent background (linked above).

Feel free to check out: 🖼 HOW TO: Upload Cover / Background / Overlay

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okay thanks



YW :metal2:

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