Overlay not showing. Help a newbie pls

Hello, I need help with my overlay. My code is good it doesn’t give me an error but the overlay is still not showing. When I use Spot Directing Helper it shows me that it’s there but I cannot see. Just to say I created the overlay. Here is part of the script:
@overlay ALVORIX create
@overlay ALVORIX shifts to -150 -50 in zone 2
@overlay ALVORIX scales to 1.812 1.812
@cut to zone 2

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Maybe try
@overlay ALVORIX opacity 100% in 0
Probably not the case but its worth a shot x

You need to state the opacity of the overlay when creating it like this.

Adding -

@overlay ALVORIX opacity 1 in 0

Should do the trick :grin::kissing_heart:

When you create an overlay using the ‘create’ command, it stays invisible unless you set the opacity, unlike adding it with the background.

Yes haha ops. It’s fixed. Thanks.

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