Overlay not showing up!

heres my script

#this set shows up fine
&overlay PHONE ON create
&overlay PHONE ON opacity 1 in 0
&overlay PHONE ON rotates 90 anchor point 0.5 0.5 in 0
&overlay PHONE ON shifts to 234 90 in zone 2
&overlay PHONE ON scales to 0.204 0.204
&overlay PHONE ON moves to layer 1

#but this set doesnt for some reason
#add message
&overlay BATH TEXT AVA1 create
&overlay BATH TEXT AVA1 opacity 1 in 0.5
&overlay BATH TEXT AVA1 shifts to 189 106 in 0
&overlay BATH TEXT AVA1 scales to 0.064 0.064
&overlay BATH TEXT AVA1 moves to layer -1
#and neither does this one and so on
&overlay AVA TEXTNAME create
&overlay AVA TEXTNAME opacity 1 in 0.5
&overlay AVA TEXTNAME shifts to 189 110
&overlay AVA TEXTNAME scales to 0.064 0.064
&overlay AVA TEXTNAME moves to layer -1

Maybe write the background name and then write the overlay name. Example-
INT. Bathroom - DN with SHOWER
The above background and overlay are just an example from my script.