Overlay not showing up?

hello! i am having some trouble with getting an overlay to show up.
here is what the coding looks like;

@overlay OPENBLANKET create
@overlay 6249155005251584_OPENBLANKET shifts to 0 124 in zone 2 at layer 1
@overlay OPENBLANKET rotates 90 anchor point 0.5 0.5 in 0
@overlay 6249155005251584_OPENBLANKET scales to 0.720 0.720
@overlay OPENBLANKET opacity 1 in 0

specifically, without the rotating part of the coding, the overlay will show up,
but when i put in the rotate code, it doesn’t show up anymore…

does anybody know how i can fix this? maybe something’s off with my coding?

thank you in advance~!!

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i removed the rotate part of the coding, and the overlay is just not showing up at all
someone pls help :anguished:

you can only add a layer like that if you’re adding one to the background. If you’re creating one in the scene use:

@overlay OPENBLANKET to layer 1

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i will try that! thank you!!!

it should work! :slight_smile: let me know x

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it worked, you are a godsend!!! thank you :hugs::gift_heart:

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