Overlay Opacity flashing

I’ve noticed that my overlays flash when I try and use opacity with them. It doesn’t happen on the web previewer, it only happens on my phone when I view it to make sure that there are no bugs. I’ve tried to put the coordinates into the background code with the overlays, I’ve done it for the only ones that use opacity in a timed placement, and I’ve tried doing it for all of them, whether it uses opacity in a timed placement or not.
It might be because I’ve put the placement twice, once for all of the overlays in the background code, and twice after the background line as different codes with the @.

It could be either the overlay glitches that some people are facing. Or change the @'s into &'s

Here’s the background code

INT. CLUB - NIGHT with IVY BAR COUNTER TOP to 0.400 -165 -5 in zone 2 at layer 33 with GREY EYEBALL to 0.037 124 148 in zone 2 at layer 41 with IVY MOUTH SPEAK to 0.060 84 117 in zone 2 at layer 39 with IVY BRUISE to 0.452 -18 -53 in zone 2 at layer 52 with IVY EYES CLOSE to 0.321 307 15 in zone 1 at layer 48 with IVY MOUTH SMILE to 0.324 305 12 in zone 1 at layer 45 with PURPLE EYE NEW to 0.012 121 144 in zone 2 at layer 46 with BLUE EYE NEW to 0.012 94 155 in zone 2 at layer 47 with LEFT EYEBROW to 0.090 90 139 in zone 2 at layer 47 with RIGHT EYEBROW to 0.151 51 117 in zone 2 at layer 50

Could it be that there are too many overlays with the codes in one line? I’ll try changing the @'s to &'s

Do you want their overlay opacity to be 0 at the beginning? Do you have the “overlay opacity 0” coding right after all that coding?

Its new glicht which occured after episode added the memory limit…overlays get brighter while changing opacity.

For some reason this doesn’t seem to happen to overlays created using @create command. While the one created next to the backgroudn do have this glitch…

Okay, thank you so much, I’ll use the create command from now on, thank you so much!!

Adding on that I have a thread on this if you’d like to read more into it :yay:

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