Overlay Opacity Help: it wont show up no matter what I do

Okay, okay. I KNOW that there are MANY of these in this here forum, but all of them are definitely not what I need help for because I DEFINITELY have my opacity command in my script.

BASICALLY, my overlay is not showing up at all when I put it into the scene.

YES, the opacity is set to 100%. It is SUPPOSED to happen within a second. (1 in 1)
The overlay has some transparent parts in it, but it’s not all of it so I’m afraid it’s possibly something else.
I just uploaded the overlay into the system. I made it myself using my painting program. (It comes with a text feature.)
I have not tested the other overlays that I have recently uploaded yet.
The size of the overlay always imports EXTREMELY HUGE for some reason even though I confirmed the size when I uploaded it. Any fix for this too would be lovely.

Please and thank you for a quick response.

Try changing the background. The Int. Black - Day one seems to cause errors with overlays

I changed the background to EXT. BEACH MOON - NIGHT because it was still dark, but it still wouldn’t pop up. In fact, I just noticed, but my narration wont come up either.

Have you got another error on the side there?

Actually, you spelt opacity wrong

Lol, i just noticed it! Thank you for helping me out as quickly as you could. :slight_smile:

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No problems! Good luck with your story :blush:

Thank you.

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