Overlay Opacity Problem


Hi so I need help with my overlay STATIC. It is not changing opacity properly and like… What is happening???


you don’t need the %.

For opacity you need to put something between 0 to 1.

1 being the full opacity (can be seen fully, not transparent) and 0 being invisible (you can’t see the overlay.)

you can learn more from this helpful thread from dara amarie


For example,

@overlay STATIC opacity 0.5

or if you want to time it

@overlay STATIC opacity 0.5 in 6


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Thanks, but that didn’t work. And I’ve been working with overlays for a long time, making them do weird stuff and this has never happened before. I’ve figured it out now. And it had nothing to do with the way I coded the opacity. I took out the part where it rotates and now for some reason it worked. But thanks anyways :blush:

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