Overlay phone needed

To finish, I would like to make a multi-call video. I need an overlay for that :slight_smile:. If someone can halp me :slight_smile: Thank you guys :slight_smile:

You want a split screen with a phone over it?

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Yes :relaxed:

I could probably make that. How many people are in the call and what backgrounds? I have only done 2 people before so that would be ideal

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Normally it’s a multi-call video to five people… But two is good for me too :relaxed:

And backgrounds?

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Inside an apartment. Do you want me to send you the background?

Is it an episode background cause if it is not then yes

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One background is on episode the other background is mine :slight_smile: :relaxed:

Ok send me the name of the episode one and send me the one that is yours.

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I don’t know how many background you want?

Just two

Ok i send you that now


background episode

and mine


What background do you want to be at the top

background episode please :relaxed:

Ok i will get right on that now

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Okay :relaxed: Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile:

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Okay so I was just scrolling and saw your custom background and was like :eyes::eyes::eyes:
I just think it’s really pretty and kinda want to use it… not sure for which of my stories but I’d like to have it available for myself if I do end up using it.
Will you let me? I’ll be sure to give credit to you :relaxed::heartpulse:

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Thank you but it’s not my work. I found it on Google. I never see this background in any episode 🤷.